Why Organic?

Legally Defined and Monitored Process

Organic certification is a rigorous process and it takes multiple years (Minimum 3 years) for a land to get 100% organically certified, and the requirements involve a set of production standards, usage and avoidance guidelines, multiple on-site inspections, sales records, etc. etc. The PGS system becomes more complex as there is peer pressure involved because if One farmer does not follow the correct procedure, the entire group gets disqualified.

Ecologically Balanced & Biologically Safe

Organic agriculture considers the medium- and long-term effect of agricultural interventions on the agro-ecosystem. It aims to produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility or pest problems. Organic encourages soil fauna & flora thereby improving soil formation.

The frequent use of underutilized species (often as rotation crops to build soil fertility) reduces erosion of agrobiodiversity, creating a healthier gene pool – the basis for future adaptation. The provision of structures providing food and shelter, and the lack of pesticide use, attract new or re-colonizing species to the organic area (both permanent and migratory), including wild flora and fauna (e.g. birds) and organisms beneficial to the organic system.

The impact of organic agriculture on natural resources favours interactions within the agro-ecosystem that are vital for both agricultural production and nature conservation. Ecological services derived include soil forming and conditioning, soil stabilization, waste recycling, carbon sequestration, nutrients cycling, predation, pollination and habitats. By opting for organic products, the consumer through his/her purchasing power promotes a less polluting agricultural system.

Contains Nutrients that protect your body

Organically grown foods generate more nutrients and fewer nitrates and are higher in essential minerals, phytonutrients, polyphenols, salicylic acid and vitamin C.

Polyphenols are a group of plant compounds such as bioflavonoids, flavanols, and pycnogenols. They are anti-inflammatory and have a wide range of health benefits, including protection against allergies, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and more. These phytonutrients, such as polyphenols and antioxidants, protect both people and plants.

Pesticides–insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides–actually block a plant’s ability to manufacture these important plant compounds. Without them, plants are handicapped and too weak to fight off pests. The organic farmer, on the other hand, builds up these important nutrients by feeding the soil, emboldening the plants to naturally defend themselves against pests and disease.

Salicylic acid is a major anti-inflammatory agent and among other things provides protection against rheumatism, hardening of the arteries, and colon cancer and reduces the death rate from heart attacks. It was so useful that chemists synthesized part of it and called it aspirin! If you want the original version, eat organic vegetables!

Does not contain GMOs or Synthetic pesticides

As the name suggests, GMO is an organism whose DNA has been altered in a non natural way, a small genetic change cause a huge ecological shift making them toxic for bees, butterflies & birds. Synthetic pesticides if used on the farm contaminate land, water sources, by turning into harmful gases and forming multiple layers on fruits and vegetables that they will harm you despite being washed multiple times.

These have been directly linked to critical illness diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and birth defects.

Initial motivations for buying organic vary from becoming a parent to being diagnosed with a health condition to developing a greater interest in disease prevention and/or making the switch due to family concerns, but eventually Organic food consumption is the future!

Why Choose Us?

100% Organic - Certified by PGS India Organic

Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) is an Internationally applicable Quality assurance system based on personal integrity, peer pressure and verifiable trust. The standards are harmonized by National Center of Organic Farming (NCOF), India which permits the use of PGS Organic logos after years of verification & Inspection.

30 Years of Organic Farming Experience

We have pioneered the organic farming concept and have been working very closely with NCOF since the conceptualization of Organic Farming in India. During these 30 years we have performed all kinds of experimentation on how to ensure a successful multi-cropping pattern to an extent that our farms have attained over 100% of fertility.

Do come and see for yourself, our research farm is hardly 100 kms from New Delhi and we will be happy to host you and give you a guided tour.

150+ Farmer Groups

We have a network of more than 150 farmer groups, growing organic food over 900 acres of land. Being a regional council for NCOF our farmer network is ever expanding to ensure that in future we bring all kind of organic food material (Cereals, Grains, processed food, vegetables, fruits, milk & milk products, etc.) to your doorstep. Our farmer network is currently located throughout the gangetic plains of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal. We also have speciality produce coming in from PGS organic farmers in J & K, Madhya Pradesh & Orissa.

Affordable Organic Food

The most common answer we got from people on not using organic food, despite various benefits, is that “Organic Is Expensive” ; Here we are, breaking this very myth and making Organic food not only easily accessible but also very affordable. Explore from amongst our wide range of organic products on our website.

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