Organic Multi – Grain Atta


Multigrain as the name suggests simply means a combination of various grains.  These grains can include whole-wheat, oats, millet, soyabean etc.  It is important to note here that the product only needs to contain two or more different grains to pose itself as multigrain.  The term also does not necessarily means that the grains are whole.  So a multigrain label does not always make a product healthy.  Multigrain is the latest fitness craze in urban India.  From cookies to breads to cakes to even chips multigrain label can be found in almost anything.  Multigrain is truly healthy when all the grains used are whole and derived from the external kernels.  We all know that it is only the whole grains which provide optimum nutrient and fiber and not the refined ones.  When grains go through the refining process they lose the germ, bran, and most of its nutritive quotient.  Wheat is a staple diet for most Indians especially the north Indian belt.  We grew up eating rotis, parathas, puris etc.  Wheat in itself is a powerhouse of nutrients and when it is combined with various other whole grains it becomes a much more healthier option.  So in comes the multigrain atta which promises to be high in fiber, keeps you full for a long time, and full of nutrients.  Almost all big brands of atta have a multigrain variety to it.  Multigrain atta as the name suggests contains flour of more than one type of grain.  Some of the common ones are ragi, maize, soybean etc along with whole-wheat of course.


Health Benefits of Organic Multigrain Atta:

Market is flooded with multigrain atta but all may not be necessarily healthy as they claim to be.  Switching to organic atta contributes to overall health.  Multigrain atta is obtained by mixing whole-wheat, Jowar (sorghum), Bajra (millet), Makka (maize), Chana, and Soyabean in right proportion.

  1. Organic atta is free from any chemicals or additives.  All the grains used to make atta are free of harmful pesticides and grown in a natural manner.
  2. Organic multigrain atta is rich in fiber as compared to a regular atta as it contains various whole grains.  Fiber as we all know is required for overall health.
  3. Regular consumption helps cure constipation and improves immune system.
  4. It is high in minerals.
  5. The texture of multigrain atta is generally a little coarse giving it a rich and dense flavor.
  6. Being naturally high in fiber, multigrain atta is a better choice for people with diabetes and cholesterol.
  7. It is a rich source of complex carbohydrate to give sustained energy.
  8. Multigrain atta is a rich source if vitamin (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9).
  9. A roti made out of multigrain atta stays fresh for a longer time without giving it a chewy texture which is common with rotis made from a regular whole wheat atta.
  10. High fiber rotis made from multigrain atta helps in weight loss as it has a greater satiety value and keeps you full for a longer time.

Multigrain atta can be easily swapped with regular atta in almost everything from rotis, parathas, to even cookies, breads etc.  There is no limit to what can be made using multigrain atta.  Nothing you can buy in a packet, nothing you can get in a restaurant menu can ever quite come close to a multigrain roti with little desi ghee and a green vegetable.  It is definitely a healthier choice over any fast food.  Whenever you make a healthier choice both you and your loved ones are blessed with a better health in the long run and switching to organic multigrain atta is definitely one of them.

– An Article by Ranjeeta Pathak (A Health Enthusiast)